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A good dietary supplement, but one capsule per day, as they say in the instructions, will not be enough. Better 2 if you do not eat red fish and walnuts every day. Because DHA and EPA are not enough contained there. And that fish. fat 800 mg, this is not an indicator. Useful in preparing for pregnancy. A good drug, but you need to take it 3 capsules per day! I recommend reading recommendations for taking polyunsaturated fatty acids. They need to be taken at 1000 mg. per day, despite the fact that the capsule contains only 300 mg. The first month I recommend drinking 2 capsules per day.

  • If there is no particular problem with barley and oyster mushrooms, it is difficult to find and often have quality fresh fish in Perm. Therefore, Omega-3 capsules (80 pieces here) are just salvation. Daily salmon fish oil with vitamin E youth, and happiness with a smile is already a little more)) Neat packaging in German, capsules, although large, but washed down with water easily. One box lasts for almost three months! Be healthy!

    I use it several years, 3 times a year for 1 month. Everything is very good. Name is hidden Nutritionists say: - so that cholesterol is normal, it is necessary to include three main products in the diet: - oyster mushrooms - barley groats - fish of the salmon family.

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It is best to take the drug before dinner, all year round, focusing on sunny days, 1 drop, the rest of the time, 2 clomid. It is convenient to give babies, but! only when drip works perfectly👍